For Corporate Clients

Mental health wellness is a very significant issue in the workplace today; an issue which can become very costly if not addressed in a timely and sensitive manner. Managers are being trained to identify mental and emotional health problems earlier in order to address these problems quickly to achieve faster resolution and fewer lost days of work.

Our offices provide psychological services to corporate clients in a number of ways. For larger corporate clients, we provide psychotherapy carried out by our psychologists. In some cases, after the psychologist assesses the situation and provides an estimate of time/sessions/cost to the employer for approval, psychotherapy then proceeds for the number of sessions required for that individual. In other cases, the Human Resources department refers clients either requesting a report after a certain number of sessions, or requesting we work within a certain predetermined maximum number of sessions. We provide psychological assessment and treatment services to Human Resources Specialists for cases requiring sensitive and confidential handling of complex cases.

Within our geographic coverage area, there are a very high proportion of small entrepreneurial businesses. When we provide services to smaller businesses, including family businesses, we work with the business to provide coverage for the mental and psychological health of their employees. Often operating without a Human Resources department, we work with the entrepreneur to define a pathway of coverage and support which works for that particular business. Additionally, we provide coaching and consulting services to small businesses in such areas as employee supervision, dealing with problem employees, manager/employee relationships and behavior management.

If you think you might benefit from arranging some sort of coverage for your employees’ mental/emotional health, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Dr. Linda Johnston would be happy to discuss with you how our services might be most appropriate for your business. Her background in a first career in the business/corporate world allows her to have particular insight into the necessary balance between the needs of the individual and the needs of the business.

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