Q: My problem isn’t on your list. Do you treat my sort of problem?

A: If you have checked both the Problems Solved segment and the Additional Coaching and Training Provided segment and do not see your problem, either email us or call us to find out more. There are many problems and difficulties we can help you with which may not be on our list; let us tell you if we can help or whom we think you should contact.

Q: How does coverage and payment work?

A: The work of a psychologist is not covered by OHIP. It is covered by many or most employee benefit plans. Check your benefit plan to see if a psychologist or psychotherapy is covered by your plan. If you or your partner (or your parent for dependents) do not have an employee benefit plan, you will be paying for services individually.

Payment is; made at the end of each session and you are given a receipt which you will either submit to your employee benefits insurer for reimbursement or collect for income tax purposes.

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