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Our Practice

Clinical Psychologists Burlington Counselling Services ​Dr. Linda Johnston is a Clinical Psychologist, registered to practice in Ontario with the College of Psychologists, with over twenty-five years experience providing psychology services to a variety of people in distress as well as teaching and training psychologists on the supervised practice register. Our practice of Ph. D. level registered clinical psychologists here in Burlington provides services to people in Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Ancaster and Dundas. We provide daytime hours as well as evening hours for your convenience. You will find that our psychologists are warm and compassionate, intensely caring, and use research-based proven methods to provide psychotherapy and counseling. Our primary focus is the provision of psychology services to adults, young adults (16 years and up), older adults, couples and relationships.

Our Focus

Our focus is to first establish goals to address your problem, working with you to clearly set out what needs change or improvement. We then use our knowledge and experience with a number of psychotherapy modalities (eg CBT and others) to determine which methods we should use based on what best suits you and the problem you are dealing with.

You will find we work in an empathetic and respectful manner to ensure we are engaged with you and you are secure and comfortable as we work together to create the change you require. We ensure the confidentiality of your sessions and your personal information. And if you already have professionals working with you, we have experience being part of your healthcare (or other) team to help you achieve a total solution to your goal.

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If you cannot find information you need or answers to your questions on our website, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

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