Dealing with Fears and Certain Anxieties

In “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”, author Susan Jeffers provides a variety of behavioural and cognitive strategies and pathways to use to assist in making change. She asks: “ What is it for you? Fear of… public speaking, asserting yourself, making decisions, intimacy, changing jobs, being alone, aging, driving, losing a loved one, ending a relationship?” She outlines strategies to deal with the “Chatterbox mind”, transitioning from pain to power, making “No-Lose” decisions, taking calculated risks, making choices and taking action, letting go of negative programming, and experiencing enjoyment. With affirmations and thought challenging strategies, this practical and easy-to-read book can help motivate you to move from fear to starting to make changes. As psychologists, we deal with fears, general anxiety and specific anxieties and phobias; we use a variety of possible treatment modalities (eg CBT, Mindfulness, psychodynamic, EFT, Interpersonal, Desensitization) to assist our clients in learning new strategies and behaviours in order to manage situations better and shift from fear or anxiety to comfort.

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